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Improvement and Learning Service
Secondary English Subject Leader Development Meeting

Target audience:

English subject leaders and those aspiring to the role. Teachers with responsibility for some aspect of the subject.

Outline of event:

This is a full day event at a central venue.
Leading core subjects presents a range of ongoing challenges including promoting effective teaching and learning, successfully managing a team of people, and developing efficient and sustainable administrative procedures.
The meetings aim to ensure those with responsibility within English departments are fully up to date with the latest pedagogical developments, with contemporary research, and with the current local and national picture of the subject.
Meetings will be interactive and offer practical ideas for use in the classroom and in wider aspects of the leadership role. They will also provide a forum for sharing and networking good practice.
Each meeting has totally new content and delegates are recommended to attend all meetings for maximum benefit.


this is a full day event

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

Attendance at the events will support and enable participants to:
* understand current local and national issues in English
* analyse internal and external data to understand local and national standards, and to determine areas for improvement and intervention
* appraise their own subject leadership skills to identify areas for action that will impact on personal and staff development and, subsequently, pupil progress
* share successful pedagogy and effective practice across the LA and within their departments, selecting appropriate improvements to be implemented in the classroom.
* self-evaluate their department based on the judgements within the new Ofsted criteria (achievement of pupils, the quality of teaching, the quality of leadership and management, behaviour and safety of pupils).
* evaluate the impact of any actions and developments in the context of their own school and in relation to pupil progress.


• Tue 27 Nov 2018 ~ Tickton Grange

• Thu 21 Mar 2019 ~ Tickton Grange

• Wed 26 Jun 2019 ~ Tickton Grange

professional or governor standards:

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