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Headteachers' Spring Term Leadership Seminar: creating a culture for learning

Target audience:

Headteachers and Chairs of Governors

Outline of event:

“Creating a Culture for Learning”, aims to offer practical suggestions/models to teachers and school leaders to plan in order to impact the learning culture in the classroom. This will include what teachers can do to support learners so that they become more responsible for their own learning behaviours and embrace a culture of lifelong learning. There will be a focus around self-motivation, how to approach open-ended problems and research methods etc. There is also a well-documented issue around primary/ secondary transition. Good primary practice is often concentrated around learner-led approaches and gains can be lost with traditional secondary approaches. Put simply, what can teachers and school leaders engineer in order to create active, engaged learners with decreased reliance on teacher-led “spoon-feeding” and fewer passive learners simply waiting to be told what to do next?

The key speaker will be Chris Abbott. A recently retired highly experienced and very successful school leader – one of the first Headteachers to be designated National Leader of Education (NLE) of a National Support School (NSS). Chris sits on the East Midlands and Humber Head Teacher Board for the Regional Schools Commissioner and is also a trained Ofsted inspector. As such, Chris has carried out extensive school-to-school support work on behalf of the National College of Teaching and Leadership. The East Riding Local Authority has had substantial experience of the impact of Chris’ expertise through contracts made with the organisation to support other LA schools in Special Measures or given Notice to Improve. Chris has provided periods of executive leadership and management to three East Riding schools in Special Measures. Chris and her team also successfully supported a number of schools across Hull, East Riding, the North East and North Lincolnshire. Chris has particular expertise in capacity building, human resources and strategic financial planning.

This seminar will also involve brief round-table presentations from our 3 Teaching School Alliances (TSAs): The Wolds TSA, Riding Forward TSA and Woldgate TSA. We include a brief overview of the workshops below and each delegate will have the opportunity to attend 3 of the 9 workshops. When you receive your booking confirmation you will also receive a workshop choice form to complete and return.

Workshop 1: Ethical Leadership (Wolds TSA)

A workshop aimed at schools of both phases, the ethical leadership session focuses on how we translate an ethical approach to vision and values into the classrooms in our schools. Dealing with issues including staff workload, the morality of curriculum planning and how to avoid hierarchy making people feel worse, the Ethical Leadership session draws on elements of the current national debate and considers how they can have a positive rather than negative impact in the classroom. Jonny Uttley is CEO of the Education Alliance and an NLE. Victoria Bromley is Trust Director of Science at the Education Alliance.

Workshop 2: Reading Mastery (Wolds TSA)

This session draws on the hugely successful approaches used at Clifton Primary in Hull, which uses a mastery approach to address students who, on entry have a very limited grasp of literacy. An innovative approach to the use of guided reading underpins much of the work of the school in the development of a culture that nurtures and supports these students throughout their learning journey. Whilst this is primarily aimed at Primary phase colleagues, many of the approaches would also be potentially of interest to leaders from both phases. Rachel Wilkes is an NLE who has led Clifton Primary to a consistent Outstanding judgment and is now the CEO of the Humber Education Trust.

Workshop 3: Evidence-informed Culture and Practice (Wolds TSA)

The idea of having an evidence-informed approach is one that is designed to help in understanding what works as well as why it works. The session will cover opening approaches to engagement with what the research tells us in a number of areas, provides useful potential starting points for developing an evidence-informed approach, and looks at promising ideas as well as lessons learned. This is aimed at colleagues from any institution across any phase. The session will be led by Ollie Brady from South Hunsley School, and Jo Jukes, Louise Lewis and Joanne Tiplady from Beverley High School – both schools acting as strategic partners with Huntington Research School.

Workshop 4: Supporting Children to become learners (Riding Forward TSA)

This workshop is delivered by Alison Tadman, Head teacher of New Pasture Lane Primary in Bridlington and Local Leader of Education (LLE). The workshop is aimed at Primary colleagues who are interested in finding out about the successful strategies that the school has used both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure children want to learn and are fully engaged.

The workshop will focus on how the school has selected and implemented creative teaching approaches that are employed inside every classroom as well as the impact of the carefully layered additional experiences across the school.

Workshop 5: The Graduate Awards Programme (Riding Forward TSA)

This workshop is delivered by Leon Myers, Head teacher of Swinemoor Primary in Beverley and Local Leader of Education (LLE). The workshop is aimed at Primary colleagues who are keen to hear how the school has introduced the Graduate Awards Programme to complement their curriculum and appeal to children’s scholarly aspirations.

The workshop will focus on how the programme has been implemented by allowing children who wish to become Graduates in the available study topics, the opportunity to study at home and in school during their own time and how effective the programme has been in raising confidence and aspirations.

Workshop 6: Revolution to Evolution – Delivering a thematic through-school curriculum (Riding Forward TSA)

This workshop is delivered by Chris Bullough, Head teacher of
Walkington Primary and Local Leader of Education (LLE). The workshop is aimed at Primary colleagues who are excited to learn how the school has evolved the way in which the curriculum is planned, delivered and managed.

The workshop will focus on how the school has developed three themes per year that have a strong identity across the school, framing both learning experiences and the learning environment. How the school has moved away from Subject Leadership roles to curriculum teams and how successful the changes have been especially in the context of Ofsted’s renewed focus on the curriculum.

Workshop 7: School Transformation

This workshop is aimed at primary or secondary colleagues who are interested in hearing how school transformation has been successfully undertaken to swiftly move RI schools to Good and Outstanding in a way that achieves sustainable gains. It will focus on adopting a systematic and methodical approach to transforming and embedding vision, values and ethos, teaching and learning, school systems and structures, organisation and strategic planning.

Workshop 8: Creating a Culture for Languages

The workshop is aimed at primary or secondary leaders who are looking for ideas and approaches to create a positive climate for learning around languages, boost performance and, at KS4, increase uptake for EBACC. As the Yorkshire and Humber region has the second lowest take-up of MFL at GCSE nationally and, in the East Riding particularly, the numbers of pupils opting for EBACC combinations is far lower than in neighbouring York, primarily as a result of low Languages uptake, the need to build a culture of loving languages remains high priority. The workshop will focus on making language-learning engaging and truly cross-phase.

Workshop 9: The Mastery Approach and its Implication Across Phases

This workshop is aimed at exploring the key features of mastery approaches currently being embedded in primaries, the impact they are having and the implications for primary and secondary schools if there is to be a smooth and successful transition across phases and curriculum areas. Drawing upon Maths Hub training, it will include an introduction to mastery, consider how to prepare a school to be ready to implement teaching for mastery, initial steps both in leadership and in classroom teaching, and strategies for overcoming potential barriers.

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


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Event Facilitator: Lisa Devine


These are the dates for this event

Thu 14 Mar 2019-Bridlington Spa

notice: Please note that there will be a nominal charge of £40 per person to contribute to expenses. Seminar timings: 9am-2pm (9am registration for a 9.30 start). Lunch and networking from 1-2pm.

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