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Bomb Threat Advice Session - FOR HEAD TEACHERS ONLY

Target audience:

Head Teachers and Deputies who have delegated responsibility for making school closure decisions

Outline of event:

All our schools will be aware that during the last academic year a number of hoax bomb threats were received via e-mail. These threats are concerning and upsetting and affect pupils, staff, parents, the Council and our wider communities. The vast majority of these threats are designed to cause disruption rather than indicate the actual presence of a device. History shows us that a real device is highly unlikely.

In response to the recent threats the four Humber Local Authorities and the Chairs of East Riding Primary and Secondary Heads meetings have recently met with Counter Terrorism Police to look at how jointly we can be better prepared for such events.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council now has in place a much improved support mechanism to schools should we experience similar threats in the future. It has however been highlighted that there were a few areas that could be improved, including the lack of knowledge of the subject matter currently in the possession of those that make decisions within schools, and to this end a decision was made to try to impart this information to Heads and Deputy Heads of education establishments for them to feel confident in making informed decisions.
Two information sessions, delivered by Anthony Smith (National Counter Terrorism Policing Team) have been arranged. This will help you analyse any future threats and feel confident in decision making in relation to the credibility of the threat and any actions you may or may not need to take.

The outline of the sessions:
• Who instigates these messages and why
• When have these events actually taken place
• What constitutes a Credible and Non-Credible threat, and how that assists you in your decision making
• What the receiver can do to establish Credibility
• How to search for suspicious items and what to do if one is found
In our current climate these sessions are vital to you as a Head teacher, responsible for your schools emergency plans and school closure decisions.
Learning and Teaching objectives:
• Be able to identify credible and non-credible threats
• Be able to make informed decisions about actions
• Support your schools emergency plans
• Support schools in communicating threats to pupils and parents


Session 1 - 14:00 - 15:30
Session 2 - 16:30 - 18:00

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


Know what your schools emergency plan already says about bomb threats

Online resources:

Links will be provided during the session and resources can be e-mailed out to all following delivery of the sessions


item code ~ event 221
Event Facilitator: Debbie Horner


These are the dates for this event

Mon 1 Oct 2018-County Hall Session 1

Mon 1 Oct 2018-County Hall Session 2

notice: Initially one delegate per school, vital that delegate is a decision maker in relation to school closures

grant funded

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