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Governors Roles and Responsibilities: what good governance looks like

Target audience:


Outline of event:

This event will explore the three core functions of the governing board and look at strategies to develop and evaluate effective governance within your school.

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

This session will enhance your ability to:

- Investigate further the three core functions of the GB
- Create opportunities to maximise the impact of the GB
- Outline your responsibilities in the Ofsted inspection process
- Increase awareness and understanding of your safeguarding responsibilities
- Interpret the Competency Framework for Governance
- Identify your ongoing responsibilities regarding the CPD of the GB
- Analyse the strengths and areas for development of your GB through rigorous self evaluation
- Evaluate your succession planning protocols

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


Online resources:

Duration: this is a 3 hr twilight event

professional or governor standards:

G1a G1b G1d G2a G2f G3a G4a G5a 


item code ~ event 203
Event Facilitator: Lisa Devine


These are the dates for this event

cancelledWed 27 Feb 2019-County Hall

Wed 19 Jun 2019-County Hall

notice: This event will take place at County Hall, Beverley 6.00pm to 9.00pm

£79.00 per person for SLA schools inc. SLA Academies

£124.00 for non-SLA Academies

£109.00 for non-SLA LA schools

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