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Governor Visits

Target audience:


Outline of event:

This session aims to outline how visits to schools by those governing can be enormously useful in helping them carry out their role. That role is largely strategic, not operational, and includes ensuring vision is being turned into reality, ethos is being embedded and progress is being made against the strategic plan.

Visiting the school in person provides a valuable insight into how the school operates as well as an opportunity to put other information in context.

This event will be held at County Hall, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

As a result of attending this training governors will be able to:

- Explain the importance and purpose of governor visits to schools
- Describe how the visits should be carried out in line with each school's governor visits policy and protocols
- Complete informative, yet concise, governor visit reports – ideally linked to the School Improvement Plan
- Evaluate the purpose and outcome of governing board visits to schools

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


Governors are asked to bring their schools School Improvement Plan.

Online resources:

Duration: this is a 2 hr twilight event

professional or governor standards:

G1a G1b G1c G2a G2f G4a 


item code ~ event 196
Event Facilitator: Lisa Devine


These are the dates for this event

cancelledWed 24 Oct 2018-County Hall

Thu 14 Mar 2019-County Hall

notice: This event will take place at County Hall, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

£53.00 per person for SLA schools inc. SLA Academies

£84.00 for non-SLA Academies

£73.00 for non-SLA LA schools

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