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NQT Development Programme ( Benjamin Curtis Core programme)

Target audience:

Target audience:

Outline of event:

Outline of event:
The programme consists of seven days of training , each of which is repeated in two different venues ( central: Tickton Grange and west: Brough Business Centre)
Each session runs from 9.15 to 3.30
The start dates of each cohort are staggered so that NQTs starting at different points in the year can access the whole programme if they wish.
Cohort 1 (NQTs starting from September 2018)
Cohort 2 (NQTs starting from January 2019)

It is not a requirement to attend always at the same centre, or to attend all the training sessions although this can facilitate NQT networking.

2018-2019 cohorts
DAY 1: Reviewing personal and professional achievements, planning for professional development and improved performance
Practical workshop to review achievements to date, consider professional development needs and formulate a plan
(Teachers standards Part 1/8)
(Cohort 1) Wednesday 10th October 2018
(Cohort 2) Wednesday 16th January 2019

DAY 2 A practical approach to improving behaviour for learning
(TS Part 1/7)
(Cohort 1) Wednesday 21st November 2018
(Cohort 2) Wednesday 27th February 2019

DAY 3 Meeting the needs of individual pupils, differentiating learning activities especially for SEN and more able
TS Part 1/1,2,4,5,6)
(Cohort 1) Thursday 22nd November 2018
(Cohort 2) Thursday 28th February 2019

DAY 4 DAY 4 Dealing with bullying, developing pupils' social and emotional awareness, building confidence and developing pupils as goal setters
(TS Part 1/1,7)
(Cohort 1) Thursday 24th January 2019
(Cohort 2) Thursday 28th March 2019

DAY 5 Developing positive partnerships with parents and carers
Including report writing and relationships with other adults and agencies
(TS Part 1/8, Part 2)
(Cohort 1) Wednesday 27th March 2019
(Cohort 2) Thursday 25th April 2019

DAY 6 An introduction to the role of the subject leader, getting started
(TS Part 1/2,3,4,6,8, Part 2)
(Cohort 1) Thursday 23rd May 2019
(Cohort 2) Wednesday 22nd May 2019

DAY 7 Self review performance and effectiveness, preparing for performance review
(TS Part 1/2,3,4,6,8, Part 2)
(Cohort 1) Wednesday 19th June 2019
(Cohort 2) Thursday 20th June 2018

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

All NQTs successfully complete induction
- Where RQT or supply staff are involved, issues to be addressed are assessed as becoming more securely "good" in lesson observations

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


Resources and tasks to be completed by participants will be communicated by the facilitator, Jane Pow ( Benjamin Curtis Foundation)

Online resources:

NQTs may access materials related to their induction at:
or find information via the NQT manager site or at the eriding site.

Duration: this is a full day event


item code ~ event 168
Event Facilitator: Rebecca Lewis


These are the dates for this event

Wed 10 Oct 2018-Tickton Grange

Wed 21 Nov 2018-Tickton Grange

Thu 22 Nov 2018-Tickton Grange

Wed 16 Jan 2019-Brough Business Centre

Thu 24 Jan 2019-Tickton Grange

Wed 27 Feb 2019-Brough Business Centre

Thu 28 Feb 2019-Brough Business Centre

Wed 27 Mar 2019-Tickton Grange

Thu 28 Mar 2019-Brough Business Centre

cancelledWed 24 Apr 2019-Brough Business Centre

cancelledWed 22 May 2019-Brough Business Centre

Thu 23 May 2019-Tickton Grange

Wed 19 Jun 2019-Tickton Grange

cancelledThu 20 Jun 2019-Brough Business Centre

notice: PLEASE NOTE THE TRAINING ON 28.03.19 IS NOW A HALF DAY 09.15 TO 12.00

£120.00 per person for SLA schools inc. SLA Academies

£207.00 for non-SLA Academies

£180.00 for non-SLA LA schools

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