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EYFS into Year One - Developing Transition Arrangements

Target audience:

Teachers of Year 1 attending with their EYFS colleague if possible

Outline of event:

The EYFS states: 'The ways in which the child engages with other people and their environment - playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thnking critically - underpin learning and development across all areas and support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner'.
This course for teachers of Year 1 children looks at how children learn in the EYFS and how this information can be continued into Year 1 through effective data analysis, observations and professional dialogue with their EYFS colleague.

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

*To provide Year 1 teachers with an understanding of the Characteristics of Effective Learning reported to parents at the end of the EYFS.
* To ensure Year 1 teachers are able to build upon the characteristics to continue effective teaching and learning when the children transfer to Year 1
* To be able to use the EYFS data and evidence in Year 1 in planning effectively
* To promote professional dialogue between colleagues to ensure a smooth transition from the EYFS into Year 1

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


Practitioners to read the EYFS Development Matters document where information on the Characteristics of Effective Learning can be found.
The Year 1 and EYFS teachers should discuss these.
Year 1 teachers attending this CPD should also have knowledge of their schools EYFS outcomes over time.

Online resources:

East Riding EYFS website

Duration: this is a full day event


item code ~ event 132
Event Facilitator: Emerald Grant


These are the dates for this event

Thu 4 Jul 2019-Tickton Grange

£120.00 per person for SLA schools inc. SLA Academies

£207.00 for non-SLA Academies

£180.00 for non-SLA LA schools

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