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Le Jeu’ - Find Your ‘Funny’ Through Play with Markmark

Target audience:

All teachers

Outline of event:

In this session, teachers will learn to reclaim the concept of play. As adults, we forget the joy and pleasure that we found in simple play as children. It’s time to find it again. By working with the concept of Le Jeu, the art of finding pleasure and humour in performance, teachers will learn to play again and will learn to nurture the ‘funny’ through game and play which will facilitate their creative teaching. This session will equip teachers with the creative skills and the confidence to bring play back to the classroom in order to inspire and engage their pupils.

This session will run from 09:00 - 12:00

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


Online resources:

Duration: this is a half day AM event


item code ~ event 91
Event Facilitator: June W


These are the dates for this event

cancelledMon 16 Oct 2017-Bridlington Spa

notice: There is no booking fee to this course as it is part of the 'City of Culture - No Limits' programme

grant funded

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