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EYFS: AFTA Thought Safeguarding Session

Target audience:

All Early Years Practitioners

Outline of event:

Good drama has the power to change hearts and minds. It can challenge perceptions, improve understanding and create recognition and empathy in a 'safe', positive learning environment.
The trainers are called AFTA Thought, and have been creating drama-based training for over 25 years now. They specialise in staff training and unique conference sessions, working closely with clients to create unforgettable scripts and training scenarios that are realistic, recognisable and measurable. They are hugely experienced in dealing with difficult subjects, sensitively and sensibly, to enable positive change in the workplace.

Please note: The local authority have used AFTA Thought before yet the drama sessions will be about different safeguarding issues this time.

Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

* develop understanding of your roles and responsibilities towards safeguarding children;
* support you in recognising concerns and how to respond to them;
* ensure you have knowledge and understanding of the legal framework as it affects you as a professional childcare practitioner;
* ensure you know what you must do if you have evidence that suggests a child may be abused or neglected;
* ensure you know how to respond appropriately to children and the adults in their lives about your concerns; and
* ensure you know how to get support for yourself in carrying out your responsibilities.

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


Come prepared to watch small acted out safeguarding scenarios that make such issues very real.

Online resources:

professional or governor standards:

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Event Facilitator: Marion Hastings


These are the dates for this event

cancelledFri 6 Oct 2017-The Lawns - Cottingham

Sat 7 Oct 2017-The Lawns - Cottingham

notice: Please note this extended morning session from 8.30 registration to 13.00 is held in conjunction with the private and voluntary sector and the course fee will be £25. Schools are welcome to attend this Saturday Session.

for SLA schools inc. SLA Academies

for non-SLA Academies

for non-SLA LA schools

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