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'Write Away Together' - an approach to improve writing

Target audience:

This full day training is for primary schools where writing is highlighted as an area for development and participants will be English Subject Leaders, teachers and teaching assistants. Schools may find it useful for teachers and TAs to attend together.

Outline of event:

'Write Away Together' is a writing programme devised by Fischer Education Project Ltd.

This one day training event is targeted at teachers and teaching assistants working in partnership from primary schools where writing is highlighted as an area for improvement.

The training days will share the PRAISE, IMPROVE, PLAN model underpinning the 'Write Away Together' programme.

Participants will learn how adults, acting as regular one-to-one writing partners, can make a positive response to children's writing, helping them to learn how to improve their own writing by considering the impact on the reader.

Clear strategies for helping pupils to improve their own writing at word, sentence and text level will be outlined.

Teachers will gain an overview of the 'Write Away Together' model and be able to plan for implementing this in their own classes - and potentially across their whole school.

Teaching Assistants will be able to work with the class teacher to deliver the programme on a one-to-one basis with individual pupils.


Learning and Teaching Outcomes:

Improved writing standards and accelerated pupil progress in writing through:

* pupils knowing what they are already doing successfully
* pupils recognising what needs to be improved
* pupils knowing how to make the improvements
* pupils understanding the importance of purpose, audience and form within all writing
* pupils being able to apply skills independently across the curriculum

We expect that all CPD will involve integral evaluation processes


NB: to attend the training, each school MUST purchase the school file and resource CD (cost approx £50 excluding VAT and p&p) from Fischer Education Project Ltd and bring this to the event.

Contact details:
01642 230811

Online resources:

Duration: this is a full day event

professional or governor standards:

2b 2c 2d 2e 3c 5b 6b 


item code ~ event 39
Event Facilitator: Lynn Kelsey


These are the dates for this event

cancelledWed 8 Nov 2017-Beverley Leisure Centre

notice: This training can be delivered in schools to the whole staff over several sessions agreed with the school.

£120.00 per person for SLA schools inc. SLA Academies

£207.00 for non-SLA Academies

£180.00 for non-SLA LA schools

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